Latest PSI:Capture release now available

PSI:Capture 6.0.3 is now available.  This latest release includes 5 new features and over 25 feature enhancements.

The majority of enhancements in this release are additional tools to assist in initial set-up. However, existing users will benefit from:

  • easier searching and editing of templates while processing documents, and
  • the ability to import and export individual classification or OCR zone templates. This makes it easier to move them from one capture profile to another. 

We will contact any existing customers who we feel will benefit from an immediate upgrade. 

For more information on PSI:Capture or to upgrade to PSI:Capture 6.0.3, contact Datafinity.

PSI:Capture 6.0 is available now

PSI:CaptureThis latest version of PSIGEN’s advanced capture product, PSI:Capture, not only offers significant feature enhancements, but also a brand-new user interface.

The new user interface is a sleek, user-friendly upgrade that allows for a more intuitive user experience, without compromising the functionality of the program. Users are able to customize the UI to suit their needs, like choosing an application theme and deciding whether or not to display the module icons and enable certain toolbars.

The capture profile configuration has been simplified, which will help reduce the time it takes users to set up the capture workflow. A notable component of this simplification is the removal of the “next” button, which allows users to go back and forth between configuration steps as needed. The application toolbar has also been replaced with a ribbon containing easily identifiable icons and command descriptions. Selecting a tab summons the ribbon drop down for that item, and the user can choose to permanently expand the ribbon should they need to access those items frequently. A customizable quick access toolbar can be added to the interface to make any ribbon item easily accessible.

PSIcapture 6.0 is now available for existing users to upgrade. For more information on PSIcapture 6.0 or other PSIGEN products, contact Datafinity.


PSI:Capture 5.4.2 takes classification to a new level

psicaptureWe’re pleased to announce that the latest version of PSI:Capture is now available to Datafinity customers. This new release gives the user even more extensive classification capabilities and includes a total of 8 new features, and 10 enhancements. The upgrade offers a myriad of benefits, but we’ve picked out our three favourites…

Classification Form Ranking allows you to automatically re-order classification templates based on usage frequency, enabling faster and more accurate template matching.

Smart Zones can now be used to automatically detect and capture line items from an invoices making setup and editing much easier (requires Table Extraction Module)

Report on how many times a classification template has been used. For invoice processing applications this allows user to analyse the frequency of invoices from their suppliers.

We can’t wait to see our customers benefit from these new features – upgrades are free of charge to customers that are on a maintenance plan and have the relevant modules. Contact us today to take advantage of this exciting new release.

Major Housing Association Chooses PSI:Capture

houseHOMEblogWe’re delighted to be working with one of the UK’s largest housing associations, in association with national IT specialists, TSG.

Over the coming months the organisation will see a significant reduction in time and money expended on paper management. Using PSI:Capture document capture and SharePoint 2013 document management technology they will be scanning, classifying and archiving all legal documents associated with their many thousands of properties. And they certainly have a lot of documents – 15 million of them!

A Paperless Future for Law Firms

overwhelmed by paper

In recent years we’ve worked with several law firms that were drowning in paper.

Law firms are in constant communication with clients, courts and other legal professionals. They also have to store large amounts of confidential and often critical documents related to cases. As such, the volume of documents being handled by the organisation is huge.

Yet many law firms still use a paper-based system to manage their documents. This means that significant capital and manpower is expended sorting and storing more and more files, either on or offsite. Then there is the issue of access. Documents need to be stored securely, yet accessibly. Legal professionals working with a paper system can lose precious time searching through physical files, whilst firms with multiple locations have to transport paper files between offices, with all the delay, risk and expense that that entails.

Critically, when something goes wrong, the implications of a paper system become even more apparent. Files can be lost if there is damage to the site. A friend recently described to me how an entire department of paralegals at her firm were spending days going through paper files in order to identify a discrepancy.

So what’s the solution? Datafinity offers PSI:Capture to automatically scan documents using OCR, and Filebound or M-Files (depending on your requirements) to manage them securely, creating a bespoke solution for each organisation. Our legal clients have now been reaping the benefits of document capture and management for some years. There are three main advantages of going paperless:

  • Reduced paper storage space and costs
  • Quick and easy access to documents – onsite or remotely
  • Controlled access to information

If your firm has a paper problem, we’d be happy to discuss a solution.

PSI:Capture 5.4.1 Lands Today

Psicapture 5.4.1








Today, PSIGEN software released a new version of PSI:Capture which focuses on productivity. Expanding on the new ACE functionality that we talked about in a previous post, users can now create or adjust zone OCR profiles on the fly during the scanning process, allowing users to continually improve the system’s performance. This capability is especially useful for invoice processing applications, where multiple zone templates are needed to capture data from many different supplier invoice layouts.

Here’s a summary of the new features:

  • Accelerated Zone Profile Configuration. Allows users to create Zone Profiles in the Index module without having to return to document type configuration. Used in situations where a document fails to trigger the correct profile, the current profile needs adjusting, or another profile needs to be selected
  • Automatic Classification Forms Generation. Instead of manually classifying forms and matching record types, you can automatically generate them from database column names and row data. Connect to almost any database type, and Capture can connect and convert database info into classification form definitions
  • Auto Zone Creation. New zones can now be created automatically for new zone definition profiles. Regular expressions match against OCR text on a form and create zones automatically, with minimal user configuration

Sounds good? Contact us to talk about upgrading.

Productivity: Can we help you?

Last week, Radio 4’s The Bottom Line took productivity as its theme – particularly pertinent considering that the UK’s productivity has fallen behind that of the US, France and Germany since the recession. During the show, an IT manufacturing company, an advertising agency and an NHS Trust discussed the different ways that they have increased their organisation’s productivity. Although productivity meant different things to these different sectors, one of the common themes was using IT to streamline business processes.

Unfortunately, many UK companies still haven’t taken advantage of this. In fact, according to The Economist, “output per hour worked [in Britain] is still 2% below its pre-crisis peak; in the rest of the G7 group of rich countries it is 5% higher. The French could take Friday off and still produce more than Britons do in a week. Confounding stereotypes, Italians are 9% more productive.”

Here at Datafinity, our mission is to help businesses accelerate their paper based processes and improve productivity by using data capture and document management systems. By improving access to information, sharing documents electronically and automating collaborative tasks using workflow, you can compete in your market more effectively and increase profitability. Could your company benefit from this?

ACE new PSI:Capture feature

PSIGEN recently released a great update for their award winning document capture solution. PSI:Capture 5.4 now includes many new features, the most noteworthy being ACE, a new feature within the Classification Module that allows users to set up an unrecognised document type instantly. Instead of having to set up a document type before scanning, users now have the added convenience of being able to build it during the workflow. This saves time and transforms Classification into an even more adaptable, user-friendly module. Like all PSIGEN upgrades, this is free to existing users as part of their maintenance agreement – just contact us to find out how.

PSIGEN releases PSI:Capture 5.3

PSIGEN recently announced the release of PSI:Capture 5.3, the latest version of their fully featured document and data capture solution. This new version builds on the product’s ability to process Microsoft Office 2010/2013 file formats (Word .docx, Excel .xlsx, and PowerPoint .pptx files) as well as Adobe PDF files.

Now Office files can not only be processed through PSI:Capture, using file name, folder name, and file attributes for metadata, but the file content can also be searched for keywords to classify and index documents. This capability is perfect for companies that want to handle scanned paper documents and electronic documents through one process to populate backend Document Management systems such as SharePoint, FileBound, M-Files and over 50 other systems. Existing customers can contact us to obtain the upgrade to 5.3 by emailing

Datafinity installs invoice data capture solution for Sage 50 at GRM Windows

GRM Windows, a South Wales Window manufacturer, is the latest company to take advantage of the time savings and documents security that PSI:Capture provides. To read more about this please see our new case study.