PSI:Capture 6.0 is available now

PSI:CaptureThis latest version of PSIGEN’s advanced capture product, PSI:Capture, not only offers significant feature enhancements, but also a brand-new user interface.

The new user interface is a sleek, user-friendly upgrade that allows for a more intuitive user experience, without compromising the functionality of the program. Users are able to customize the UI to suit their needs, like choosing an application theme and deciding whether or not to display the module icons and enable certain toolbars.

The capture profile configuration has been simplified, which will help reduce the time it takes users to set up the capture workflow. A notable component of this simplification is the removal of the “next” button, which allows users to go back and forth between configuration steps as needed. The application toolbar has also been replaced with a ribbon containing easily identifiable icons and command descriptions. Selecting a tab summons the ribbon drop down for that item, and the user can choose to permanently expand the ribbon should they need to access those items frequently. A customizable quick access toolbar can be added to the interface to make any ribbon item easily accessible.

PSIcapture 6.0 is now available for existing users to upgrade. For more information on PSIcapture 6.0 or other PSIGEN products, contact Datafinity.


PSI:Capture 5.4.2 takes classification to a new level

psicaptureWe’re pleased to announce that the latest version of PSI:Capture is now available to Datafinity customers. This new release gives the user even more extensive classification capabilities and includes a total of 8 new features, and 10 enhancements. The upgrade offers a myriad of benefits, but we’ve picked out our three favourites…

Classification Form Ranking allows you to automatically re-order classification templates based on usage frequency, enabling faster and more accurate template matching.

Smart Zones can now be used to automatically detect and capture line items from an invoices making setup and editing much easier (requires Table Extraction Module)

Report on how many times a classification template has been used. For invoice processing applications this allows user to analyse the frequency of invoices from their suppliers.

We can’t wait to see our customers benefit from these new features – upgrades are free of charge to customers that are on a maintenance plan and have the relevant modules. Contact us today to take advantage of this exciting new release.

PSIGEN releases PSI:Capture 5.3

PSIGEN recently announced the release of PSI:Capture 5.3, the latest version of their fully featured document and data capture solution. This new version builds on the product’s ability to process Microsoft Office 2010/2013 file formats (Word .docx, Excel .xlsx, and PowerPoint .pptx files) as well as Adobe PDF files.

Now Office files can not only be processed through PSI:Capture, using file name, folder name, and file attributes for metadata, but the file content can also be searched for keywords to classify and index documents. This capability is perfect for companies that want to handle scanned paper documents and electronic documents through one process to populate backend Document Management systems such as SharePoint, FileBound, M-Files and over 50 other systems. Existing customers can contact us to obtain the upgrade to 5.3 by emailing

FileBound Announce Release 7.1

27th October 2014, Upland Software announces the release of FileBound 7.1, which builds on some of the new capability introduced in release 7.0, including enhancements to the Search Portal, Web Viewer, Analytics Reporting dashboard and system improvements to increase speed. If you are an existing user of FileBound this release is well worth considering and is available free of charge to customers who have purchased the annual maintenance service.

For more details on the new features please go to FileBound 7.1 New Features

PSI:Capture Saves Teachers’ Time

Did you know that PSI:Capture can be used for marking exam and test papers? Many schools are now using scanning and OCR technology to save time and improve accuracy when marking test papers. PSI:Capture has all the tools needed to fully automate the processing of test papers and can utilise existing MFP copiers for scanning. To see a demo video of how this works go to

For more general information on forms processing with PSI:Capture go to our web site at



PSIGEN announces latest release – PSI:CAPTURE v5: Intelligent Document Recognition (IDR), Enhanced Forms Processing and Classification

PSIGEN Software, Inc., has released v5, the latest version of its flagship document capture product, PSI:Capture. This release is a major step forward in providing fully automated document recognition and data capture and is ideally suited to the accounts payable market.

This latest release includes features for advanced forms processing and the intelligent identification of documents and forms. Many of the features have been in the product for quite some time as custom scripted options but now they have all been added as product features available through the configuration wizard interface.

If you are an existing PSI:Capture customer then PSI:Capture v5 is available free of charge as part of your annual maintenance and support agreement, with the exception of the classification module which is an additional cost. If you would like details on how to upgrade please contact us for more information.

New release highlights:

Record Type Enhancements – Record types allow a capture workflow to contain multiple sets of documents with varying characteristics, including: shared and unique index fields, differing zone templates, differing expressions for extraction, and classification rules.

Dynamic Pattern Matching – pattern matching can now be triggered automatically based on the classification of a document. These triggered expressions can also be shared across record types to make extraction simple.

Smart Zones – this advanced technology helps with processing information across forms through two integrated features: dynamic anchoring and compassing. Smart Zones can be used for complicated data extraction processes in AP, eDiscovery or medical review to find data surrounding specific terms.

Zone Profiles – now, within a single document type, you can have multiple zone templates that are linked to a particular form or document. This provides a simple, efficient way to extract information or provide operators with “zoom zones” based on the classified form type.

Classification Module – this module allows for identification of forms, intelligent separation based on form types and validation based on page counts. The module automates the forms processing task through an easy to configure, efficient and intelligent recognition process. All of the above features can be tied to a classified form, providing dynamic data extraction capabilities in a single document type.

Enterprise Feature Set – v5 has new features to provide enhanced redundancy, disaster recovery, and reporting through SQL Server.

All of these features combined give end users the ability to process complicated forms quickly and efficiently. “We have deployed our classification solution within several large customers, including Microsoft, and the solutions have really streamlined their forms processing efforts,” said Stephen Boals, Vice President of Sales for PSIGEN. “PSI:Capture v5 extends the feature set, and adds additional features to provide any organisation with an effective, affordably-priced document classification solution.”

An overview of v5, feature listings and demonstration videos can be found at

10 new features for scanning bureaus in the latest release of PSI:Capture

Do you have a Swiss Army knife in your bureau?

Do you have a Swiss Army knife in your bureau?

PSI:Capture from PSIGEN has always focused on helping its scanning service bureau partners to streamline their business processes, reduce labour costs and drive higher profits. The PSI:Capture 4.6 release has over 70 new features, many of which were requested by bureaus to make their scanning operations even more efficient. Below are 10 new key features for any scanning service bureau:

  1. Batch Deadline System.  This feature gives you the ability to provide a timed deadline on particular scan jobs.  When a batch hits its deadline, an email notification is sent, and the deadline becomes red in Batch Manager.  Really useful for those quick turnaround batches.
  2. PDF Text to Field.  No more OCR for electronically generated PDFs or PDFs that have already been OCR’d.  This feature will pull in the text layer to a field that can then be parsed using our pattern matching technology for automated indexing.  Higher accuracy and faster job completion.
    Screenshot for 2. PDF Text to Field
  3. Enhanced PDF Forms processing and template auto-configuration.   PSI:Capture has had the ability to ingest form fields from within a PDF for a while, but now setup time is a quicker.  There is now a PDF form configuration template.  Just point PSI:Capture at a sample PDF form file, and all the form fields are configured as index fields with the right data type and length.  Not a bad feature to have on that 300 field PDF form the customer wants processed.
  4. Blank page processing enhancements.  Ah the blank page, the bane of every service bureau.  Is it actually blank?  4.6 adds new processing algorithms that can all be used at once, using a voting process.  Add that to the new blank page recognition preview tester, and you can load, test and view results before you scan 10,000 pages.
  5. Data file parsing enhancements.  Strange legacy data file included with every image?  Want to auto-extract information from an XML file?  PSIGEN has enhanced its text data file processing to include the ability to put the data file into a memo field in the product.  Once in the field, PSI:Capture’s ADE engine can be used for pattern matching and parsing to glean out the data.
  6. SQL Azure Integration.  PSI:Capture now integrates with Microsoft’s Azure platform on 3 levels:  database document type templates for ease of setup, cloud database lookups and SQL Azure database migration.  This enhancement will help bureaus to access customer data more easily,  through a seamless integration.
  7. Flag auto-processing for separation and combining.  Do you have complex OCR pattern match separation and want to offload the process to another machine?  With separation auto-processing, you can now do all your separation in a separate workflow step.  Note: this is just the tip of the iceberg for all types of automated processing you can do in this manner.
  8. Parallel OCR format processing.  Previously, if you had a customer that wanted searchable PDFs as well as a full text/XML output, you had to run two separate OCR processes to create both formats.  No more.  With parallel OCR processing, you can create two formats with one capture workflow step.
  9. Full batch and folder rejection capabilities.  If one of your operators is scanning a folder that is a total mess, but the problem is there are 100 documents and they all need to be kept together,  how do you reject the folder and all the sub-documents without holding up the whole batch?  Exceptions processing in automated mode can now auto-reject the  whole batch or folder.
  10. Speedy job setup.  Faster setup = faster completion = lower labour costs = getting paid sooner.  There are a high number of features focused on getting you into production faster:   auto-zone sizing, zone setup hot keys, auto-detect and configure barcodes, global device profiles, custom auto-correction libraries for OCR and much, much more.

Drive more business.  Reduce your labour costs.  Higher profits.  PSI:Capture from Datafinity.

Capture Anywhere with Psigen’s PSI:Fusion

psifusion-product-badgePSIGEN’s web-based document capture product PSI:Fusion provides internet browser queuing and indexing capability from just about any device.  Its built-in barcode generator allows users a simple and efficient way to scan documents into their Fusion queues, index their documents with assigned metadata, and then send them on to their end destination.

Fusion can be utilised for MFP Scanning, inbound fax queuing and routing, capture workflow and approval, mail room routing and much, much more.  With a simple and intuitive user interface, the product allows for quick training and deployment.

To contact Datafinity: Contact Information


New PSI:Capture Demo Videos

We have just refreshed our PSI:Capture demo videos. There are three covering different applications – Invoice processing, Forms processing and SharePoint scanning. Here are the links..

Invoice processing

Forms processing  –

SharePoint scanning

We have also added a new demo video explaining the benefits of the latest Extended File Format (EFF) module for PSI:Capture:

Advanced Data Extraction with PSIGEN

PSI:Capture Advance data capture

If you’ve seen PSI:Capture in action you’ll probably know that it is one of the most comprehensive document capture products available on the market. PSIGEN, the makers of PSI:Capture, call it the “Swiss Army knife” of capture. But did you know that one of PSI:Capture’s biggest strengths is a module called ADE, Advanced Data Extraction?

ADE allows rules to be written enabling PSI capture to extract information from any document using keywords. We have recently implemented solutions for a number of companies using this capability which has greatly increased their productivity.

Some examples are being able to extract up to 60 pieces of information from a legal contract or searching through general correspondence and looking for a whole range of different phrases to identify a specific type of letter. PSI:Capture’s ADE functionality is also being used to good effect to classify and route incoming mail.

If you have a business application that could take advantage of this capability why not contact us and we’ll show you how it could work for you.