FileBound onSite

Adopt FileBound throughout your organisation with unlimited user licensing


FileBound integrates document management functionality with all existing systems and applications. With the FileBound Application Integrator, you can quickly and easily map a field, create a button (or designate a hot key) and query FileBound to display the associated images. Application Integrator also creates links between FileBound and other applications for indexing, data validation, Enterprise Risk Management and web services. FileBound is designed to be an integrated part of your information management strategy.

Document Imaging

FileBound provides robust and flexible document scanning, importing and image retrieval functionality. FileBound supports both centralized and distributed image capture environments while providing industry standard index automation tools such as barcode recognition, OCR and data matching from external sources. In addition, FileBound also supports images created from third party capture applications, fax servers, email platforms and digital copiers.

Digital File Management

FileBound delivers the functionality to automate importing and indexing of digital files from any source. Additionally, the FileBound Integration Toolkit provides direct native file importing from Microsoft Office Suite applications. FileBound also supplies a print driver with direct print capabilities, allowing conversion to TIFF images and indexed to existing or new system files.


FileBound can create and store a library of on-demand forms to automate the creation, distribution and filing of transactional forms. Templates can be configured as Word, HTML or XML documents. Data from the FileBound database or from external data sources can be merged into the form and routed down a workflow for completion or printing. If printed, the forms include a unique document ID barcode allowing completed forms to be tracked and auto-scanned using the barcode. Forms also can be accessed from public websites or portals which allow customers, vendors or visitors to request information, submit applications or place orders.

Business Process Management

FileBound workflow automates the collaboration and assignment of tasks to accelerate the completion of critical business decisions. This results in increased operational efficiencies, reduced costs and organizational scalability. FileBound provides automated workflow functionality allowing organisations to re-engineer and streamline work processes. Since FileBound is inherently web centric, workflow tasks can be distributed across geographically diverse organizations, outsourced or distributed according to workload.

Physical File and Box Tracking

FileBound provides the ability to manage, access, and control paper files and archival box storage. Files can be checked-in or checked-out to users or requested from a central file room  via email requests. Users can request archived files using email notification to the person responsible for fulfilling the request. A user specifies the method of fulfillment including return of the file or box, fax specific pages or have the system scan files for quick online image viewing.