Forms Processing

Forms Processing

Process forms faster by reducing manual keying by 80% or more

Forms Data Capture is one of the most widely used applications for document scanning and OCR/ICR technology. Due to the high level of automation that is possible, the variety of forms that can be handled and the significant time savings that can be made, many companies have adopted this technology.

Most companies use a variety of form types and the data held on them is often critical to the operation of the business. These include orders, applications, claims, change requests and survey forms received from customers as well as internally generated forms such as expenses claims, request forms, time sheets and HR records. Because forms usually have a fixed layout they are ideally suited to automated processing with data capture technologies.

Forms can be processed automatically by using one or a mixture of optical character recognition technologies. These include OCR for machine printed text, ICR for hand printed text and OMR for check boxes and signature box verification. When choosing a document capture solution for forms processing it is important to make sure that it offers the appropriate character recognition technologies.

Unlike other documents, forms are often just used as a temporary method of transferring information from person to person or to a business system. Therefore, interfaces to databases, CRM and other business systems are provided with our software.

Other forms types, such as insurance policy forms containing a signature, may need to be retained as a record for audit or legal purposes. If both the form data and image need to be retained then a system for storing and retrieving images, such as a document management or content management system, will also be required.

Benefits of Automated Forms Processing:

  • Speed up data entry – Reduces the manual effort of keying data, save time and money and make business critical data available to the organisation sooner
  • Improve customer service – Access information faster to allow staff to respond to customer requests and enquires immediately thereby improving efficiency and customer satisfaction
  • Increase data accuracy – Increase the accuracy of data acquired from the form by using the latest OCR technology with built in error checking and database lookup validation
  • Capture all data types – Extract all data types; machine printed text, hand printed text, barcodes (1D and 2D) and checkboxes with a single capture solution