JetTrac BYOD from ProTechnology

JetTrac BYOD is the fast track e-forms solution for any business that wants to deploy mobile devices to automatically capture and process forms-based data. It reduces costs, improves efficiency and drives revenue by eliminating duplicate data entry and reducing turnaround time.

JetTrac allows users to complete and submit fillable forms (pdf or html) from any device. The server-based component of the solution can index and archive a copy of the form as a record, extract the data from the form and pass that to any host application for further processing, use the data to trigger a workflow process, and/or generate a document package.

JetTrac can insert pictures and capture the associated metadata. Sound, voice and signatures can be uploaded and attached to the form.

If connectivity is an issue, JetTrac allows users to complete the form offline as a pdf and have them automatically submit and process once they reconnect.

Flexible licensing options are available, including server-based, transaction-based, or hosted.
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