Business Partners

Business partners

Partnering with Datafinity

We are always on the lookout for good partners to work with. Maybe you want to add our technology to your solution or you just want to focus on selling the solutions we offer.
Partnering with Datafinity is easy and can start at any of the following levels:

Referral partner

Refer leads to Datafinity for a percentage commission on the software sale value.

Sales partner

Buy software licences and first year annual support from Datafinity at a discounted price and resell on to your customers. We provide pre-sales and post-sales support so no product training is required.

Reseller partner

Purchase software licences and annual support from Datafinity at a discounted price. You can offer the complete solution including software licences, professional services and ongoing annual support. We’ll provide 2 days product training and demo licences for sales and support.

Contact us today to discuss our partner programme in more detail.