PSI:Fusion is PSIGEN’s web-based document capture product, which provides internet browser queuing and indexing capability from just about any device.

PSI:Fusion adds a powerful thin client indexing and queuing capability to PSI:Capture Enterprise. Built for distributed capture environments, it is simple to use and requires very little training to enable users to capture documents.

  • Easy configuration
  • Use MFPs, copiers, scanners or fax
  • Database Lookups
  • Index and Process

Its built-in barcode generator allows users to create an ID and indexing sheet that provides a simple and efficient way to scan documents into their Fusion queues, index their documents with assigned metadata, and then send them on to their end destination. PSI:Fusion enables automated indexing for MFP Scanning, inbound fax queuing and routing, capture workflow and approval, mail room routing and much, much more. With a simple and intuitive user interface, the product allows for quick training and deployment.