Professional Services

Professional services


Business Process Automation Consultancy

As more companies look for ways to save costs by improving the efficiency of their business, the demand for solutions that automate business processes and increase productivity have increased. However, understanding the technologies that are available and how and where they can be applied is often a steep learning curve for many companies.

At Datafinity, we have many years of experience in implementing business process automation (BPA) solutions so we can provide consultancy services to help identify the processes that can really benefit from BPA technology. By auditing current processes, comparing different technologies that can be applied and calculating return on investment, we can help you build a strong business case.

Professional Services

System Implementation

When you are ready to move ahead with your business process automation solution, we will provide the expertise required to install, configure and customise the software and hardware technology needed. We will develop a project scope document to ensure that all requirements are met and start the professional services work needed to implement the solution. In addition to the standard features in the product we can develop custom scripts to tailor the system to your specific needs.


Administration, Configuration and User Training

To help reduce ongoing costs we always encourage our customers to have a member of staff trained on how to administer and configure the document capture or SharePoint solutions we provide. By providing training, either on-site or at our premises, we will help you become self-sufficient, ensuring that your document management solution is cost effective in the long term.  As part of our implementation services we always include operator training so you can start reaping the benefits of your new system immediately.