SharePoint Scanning

SharePoint scanning

Scan, classify and automatically index your documents into SharePoint or Office 365   

Since the release of Microsoft SharePoint there has been a dramatic increase in the adoption of this technology by companies of all sizes. In the past, SharePoint has been seen mainly as an intranet solution for sharing MS Office documents between employees, however, the new features in SharePoint 2013 have moved it into the realm of document management and enterprise content management (ECM). Many companies are now realising that they also need to store and manage their paper-based documents within the same system. This is when a document capture solution is required.

But what is the best way to provide an easy to use and flexible method to capture paper documents into SharePoint Document Libraries?  Products such as PSI:Capture provide the answer by offering low-cost, easy to use solutions for scanning and indexing paper documents.

PSI:Capture provides all the power and flexibility needed to capture and OCR all types of paper documents – forms, contracts, invoices, correspondence – and transfer them directly into SharePoint, fully indexed and in the correct document libraries. It can be run in unattended mode, automatically importing and indexing images that have been scanned to a network folder from MFPs or other network scanning devices.  To allow users to validate or correct more critical data before exporting to SharePoint, it can also be run in attended mode.

PSI:Capture – intelligent scanning for SharePoint

  • Scan in attended mode – allows experienced users to utilise all the features from the desktop
  • Scan in unattended mode – Auto-import allows users can scan to a processing folder from any network scanning device
  • Documents will be automatically processed, named and filed based on the workflow configuration
  • Dynamically create metadata columns in SharePoint from any document data captured
  • Automatically create document libraries and folder structures from any captured field or document file name
  • Use simple indexing sheets at scan time to cut out laborious manual indexing in SharePoint
  • Set up conditional export options to transfer documents to multiple libraries based on index values

Scanning for MFPs – Automated Scanning to SharePoint

Using PSI:Capture’s auto-import and intelligent workflow functionality, different document types can be automatically routed to specific SharePoint libraries based on any document attribute, e.g. document type, department name, customer name or contract number. By using barcodes or checkbox routing sheets indexing can be done automatically at scan time eliminating the need for laborious manual indexing while at the network scanner or MFP.